NHS – NHS Waitless

Development of a prototype for the NHS waiting times, through the use of open data API’s to build an application for use by patients and the general public in finding out the hospitals or walk-in centre waiting times;

UK Parliament – Timeline

.. • Development of a prototype for the UK parliament where in coordination with parliament officials • Implemented a timeline to portray history of UK parliament and raise awareness of relevant events

Linha Fala Crianca – Application and Support

.. Developed a web-based application that for a Child helpline call managements and registry • Managed software design process • Provided ongoing technical support during development process and capacity building • Redesigned organization website • Call centre support, Whatsapp integration and PBX line configuration

CLN Contract Management Application

… Developed a web-based application that for management of business contracts for Corredor Logistico de Nacala (CLN) • Managed software design process • Coordinated with Local IT staff on the setup of servers and software requirements to run the application • Java Based Web Application, using Spring Boot and other web technologies

Magazine Independente: News agency

… • Developed a native Android Application to provide online and offline view of News from www.magazineindependente.com • Capacity building to News staff in data entry, content management and best practices • Management of advertising content presented on Website and mobile application. • Server uptime management • Technical support through SLA agreement • Management of publishing the app on

Primeira Mão: Página Web

… Address: www.1maomz.com • A local news agency website, with social media presence and implementation of innovative communication strategies; • Managed Development, web server setup, whatsapp messaging integration, newsletters and SLA. • Proactive server management and protection against attacks • Domain management • Provision of technical support to editorial team

CNCS – App iOS

…</p Clients: UNICEF, NWETI and CNCS (ONSPOT) • Interactive quiz application on the topic of HIV & AIDS to youth • Development of a native iOS mobile application • Implemented online and offline features • Developed a “serverless” synchronization to Google Sheets >

Barclays (via Onspot) – App Android

”” • An interactive survey on the subject of insurance • Native Android Application • Synchronization with Google Sheets • Collected a large amount of data from participants that was collected throughout different branches in Maputo

3D Printing Necto Hardware

… From development of CAD drawings, PCB architecture to preparation of the print work, we made the Necto product line come to life. We took advantage of an Open Source project, the RepRap and made our entire hardware prototype come to life. This feature is purely Robobo. Video Demo project-date: April 2012 client: Undisclosed

Website da Moz Devz

… Desenvolvimento do novo website da comunidade MozDevz.org. O website implementa a melhor technologia responsiva, isto é, adapta-se ao ecrã em que está a ser visualizado (perfeito em smartphones assim como em browsers web no PC). Pode ser visitado em www.MozDevz.org project-date: May 2015 client: Moz Devz